Leroy Gaines and Cordelia Harden were both born in Georgia before the Civil War. They worked on the same plantation. Leroy worked in the field. When someone was needed to clean the chimneys, Leroy was the only one who was small enough to fit into the chimneys. He was allowed to come into the house. Cordelia worked in the house as a cook and she would serve him lunch. Leroy and Cordelia eventually married and started a family in Taliaferro County in Crawfordville Georgia. Their first child was born in 1875. They would eventually have 13 children in all. The children of Leroy and Cordelia Gaines would go on to have 36 children of their own.

A family bible was begun by Leroy in which to record births, marriages and deaths. For many years the contents of Leroy's bible passed down from generation to generation was the only thing the family had which told its story. This website is dedicated to the history which began with Leroy and Cordelia Gaines. From its inception to the present day. Our family remains committed that the story of its legacy should continue to live on.